PSC Patients Europe (PSCPE) was founded in November 2014, as a ‘new style’patient organisation: a pan-European disease-specific foundation, often complementary to the already existing national Patient Organisations (PO’s), which are frequently organ-based PO’s (e.g. liver foundations, liver patient associations etc.).


1.  Information, Education and Peer contact

Easily accessible information and educational material available in as many European languages to as many Europeans as well as to encourage peer-to-peer contact & support
The availability of a lay version of PSC-related scientific articles in as many European languages possible.

Creating PSC awareness and a better understanding of the disease and the opportunities & challenges it presents to the patients

2.  Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy focused on finding the cure for Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) and increasing the Quality of Life of PSC patients, e.g. by setting up, maintaining and sharing a pan-European network.
To be an inspiring and collaborative partner to alll stakeholders, including policy makers, health professionals, health insurers, academics, researchers, pharma and financiers.

Striving for proper medical care for PSC patients andhealthcare standards.

The promotion of effective scientific and medical research in all areas of PSC.

To establish and maintain contacts with similar organizations on a national and international level.

3.  Fundraising

Fundraising  for e.g. scientific research focused on finding  cure and/ or on improving the Quality of Life of PSC patients.

PSCPE: To be Part of the Solution

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