PSC Patients Europe Board members:

Marleen Kaatee – President
Petra van Houwelingen-de Wit – Secretary
Erik Dorrepaal
– Treasurer

We have ad hoc Advisors to the Board, volunteers who assist and advise the PSCPE Board on various topics in which they are experts, like a parent of a child with PSC, a transplantee, a researcher etc..

Communications Department

Cathy Hassels Monning (True Blue – Creative Healthcare Communications)


Org chart

PSC Patients Europe is a Eurordis member and we are active volunteers within the organisation, including
* Member of the Eurordis  Council of Federations (CEF)
* member of the Eurordis DITA Task Force (Drug Information, Transparency & Access)

We attend the Eurordisannual EMMs, the Eurordis Membership Meetings

PSC Patients Europe is also a member of VSOP, the Dutch Rare Disease organisation.