At PSC Patients Europe we believe patients, and their care givers, family members and friends should have easy access to information about PSC. Therefore we don’t charge any fee to anybody.

Articles on our website are checked, stamped-&-sealed by the author of the original scientific article (on one of his/her team members).

Behind the scenes we are very actively advocating for Open Acess, allowing a borader group to have access to scientific articles. We also encourage authors to add lay versions of their articles. And last but not least, information should be available in the native language.

We also encourage PhD students to write a lay version of their thesis. It’s a win-win: they get their work published on our website and at the same time they learn not only how to write a lay version, but this young generation is also aware of the importance of adding a lay version.

We try to have our articles translated in as many languages as possible and needed. We rely on professional translators volunteering for PSCPE. And we are so extremely appreciative of their work.