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Kick-off Crowdfunding Campaigns

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As of now, with the release of our new website system, we are eager to announce the build-in crowdfunding facility.

You can make your own, tailor-made crowdfunding family page within 10 minutes.

Handy guidelines:

  • First of all you need create an account first (click here)
  • Then you complete the Crowdfunding page
  • Briefly tell your story
  • Add a photo that has a link with your story or your goal
  • Tell donors where their donations will go. You can use e.g. the Facebook button on your campaign page.
  • Provide a link with past accomplishments from PSC Patients Europe

Like with most projects, try to include the SMART method:

  • Specific: start with a spefici goal in mind.
  • Measurable: Your campaing page will automatically keep track of the amount youhave raised.
  • Attainable: Set a goal that works for you.
  • Relevant: Your goal should make sense to both PSC Patients Europe and your donors to optimize donation potential
  • Timely: Set a timeframe for your fundraising campaign that you feel comfortable with.


PLease start by making a crowdfunding