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PSCPE becomes member of BBMRI-ERIC Stakeholder Forum

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It is with great pleasure the PSC Patients Europe Board would like to inform you about our membership to the
BBMRI-ERIC Stakeholder Forum.

BBMRI-ERIC is a European research infrastructure for biobanking. A biobank is a place to store all types of human biological samples, such as blood, tissue, cells or DNA. It also stores data related to the samples as well as other biomolecular resources that can be used in health research.

The BBMRI-ERIC Stakeholder Forum is the main interface for European patients’ organisations, civil society, industry and academia to interact with the biobanking universe. The role of stakeholders is enshrined in the BBMRI-ERIC statutes: as one of the advisory boards, the Stakeholder Forum contributes to the decision-making process of BBMRI-ERIC, together with the Scientific and Ethical Advisory Board (SEAB). BBMRI-ERIC currently includes 20 countries and one international organisation, making it one of the largest European research infrastructures.
(source: BBMRI-ERIC).

Do you want to learn more about biobanking? Check out the BBMRI-ERIC FAQs. And you can read about the
PSCPE visit to the Norwegian PSC Biobank.
For our German readers: there’s a fabulous explanation in German on the BBMRI-DE website.

PSC Patients Europe sees a bright future for biobanking and is therefore actively engaged in this community. Based in the Netherlands,  one of our Board members is a member of BBMRI – MAB, the Dutch biobanking organisation’s Civil Advisory Board (in Dutch MAB = MaatsEditchappelijke Adviesraad Biobanken).