There are several ways to help us:

  • Help a PSCer for a day
    Fold the laundry or do some gardening, clean the windows or help with the weekly grocery shopping. Watch a movie or just come & have a cup of tea: little things that can mean a world of difference to a PSCer.
  • ‘Like’ the PSC Patients Europe Facebook group
  • Volunteer
    Translator, events etc. We have various national and international projects and we are always looking for enthousiastic volunteers in various positions, including Accounting, Project Management, Legal.
  • Organise a fundraiser
  • Donate our Crowdfund campaigns, or Create a Crowdfund Campaign
  • Donate In-kind, time, manpower, financial contribution, frequent flyer points etc.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved:

We are an official non-profit / foundation with a PBO status (Dutch: ANBI-status).

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PSC Patients Europe

Bank account number / IBAN: NL34 RABO 0300 7513 38

For donations outside of Europe: the BIC is: RABONL2U

Thank you!

Familie Renes Hovius
Familie Renes Hovius

Zoals de meesten van jullie weten heeft onze zoon Lenny Primaire Scleroserende Cholangitis (PSC, een zeldzame leverziekte waar nog geen geneesmiddel voor is),  AIH en CU. PSC Patients Europe is een patiënten organisatie die bestaat uit 100% vrijwilligers. Ze hebben … Read More

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Location: Netherlands

Funding Goal: 2,018.00

Getting ready for 2018
Getting ready for 2018

At PSC Patients Europe we celebrate our 3rd anniversary this month and I hope we can continue to support the PSC Community by you supporting us.

The foundation is 100% driven by volunteers and doesn’t receive any structural grants. And yes, I enjoy every minute of it. And we do keep the fixed costs as low as possible, but I’m sure you understand it all adds up. Getting funding for projects is often not a huge problem, but getting the fixed costs covered is a much harder task..
As to wrap-up our 2017 activities and having a fresh start with our activities in 2018, my goal is to raise  € 8000.
You can use iDEAL or donate via creditcard.

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Location: Netherlands

Funding Goal: 5,000.00

Raised: 320.00

Funded percent: 6.40 %

Date expired

Running for PSC
Running for PSC

Since I started changing my diet to glutenfree and dairyfree in autumn 2015, my energylevel slowly increased. This made it possible to work on my physical condition and after trying several activities I started running. Quite a challenge for me as PSC-patient, even more challenging with my total knee replacement.

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Location: Netherlands

Funding Goal: 1,000.00

Raised: 20.00

Funded percent: 2.00 %

167 days remaining