PSC Patients Europe (PSCPE) was founded in November 2014, as a ‘new style’patient organisation: a pan-European disease-specific foundation, often complementary to the already existing national Patient Organisations (PO’s), which are frequently organ-based PO’s (e.g. liver foundations, liver patient associations etc.).

Many countries lack a (rare) liver patient organisation, and we offer individuals who would like to start a foundation/patient organisation in their country full support. It often starts with an email address and/or a Facebook group. We offer a free webpage (see Countries) for every person who wants to start something in their country. We have a ‘buddy system’, here we match a seasoned patient organisation within our network with a newbie. Close collaboration, e.g. in how to set up a patient organisation or exchanging disease-specific information, enables a head start.

We work with all stakeholders and often our first question to them is: “How can we help you?”. This often opens to a candid conversation, allowing to see where we can collaborate and how to support one another.

In the drop-down menu you will find details about our Mission, our organisation & our memberships with other organisations, our Annual Reports, our Strategic Plan and our national and international projects, to name a few. And yes, we are so proud of our logo, please check out the details.